Have you ever wondered about tutoring services at the Academic Success Centre (ASC) but weren’t sure what to expect? Lien Chia and Adam Hamade are here to help. Lien and Adam work for the ASC and have put together a Q&A for those who are unsure whether tutoring is right for them.

Lien Chia and Adam Hamade

Lien Chia and Adam Hamade

What can I expect when I attend a tutoring session?

You will be greeted by an Academic Peer Helper (tutor) or Student Support Specialist (SSS). The tutor or SSS will ask you for your name and student card. If this is your first visit of the term, you will be asked to fill out a Peer Tutor Request Form. The tutor will assist you after learning about your objective for the day. You will participate throughout the session by asking and working through questions. At the end of your session, you will be offered a chance to provide feedback about your tutor and your experience.

What’s the difference between scheduled tutoring sessions and peer-assisted study groups?

Scheduled tutoring sessions include up to six students with an Academic Peer Helper. These sessions are designed for students to enhance their understanding of specific course material that may require clarification or additional explanation. During each scheduled tutoring session, tutors will discuss your questions and explain concepts you would like to review.

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Head here for Peer-Assisted Study Groups!

Peer-Assisted Study Groups consist of up to 12 students working with an Academic Peer Helper. These study group sessions are designed for students to supplement their understanding of course material. During each study group, you will discuss the important concepts/material and learn to prepare for upcoming tests. The tutor will come prepared with a plan for the day to ensure the session is productive.

Who uses Tutoring Support?

Our tutoring supports are used by a wide range of students from various academic programs. Students can strengthen their academic skills by attending tutoring sessions to supplement their lectures and learn in a welcoming and supportive environment with their peers. Tutoring can also be a great resource for students in courses that have proven to be difficult for other students in the past.

Tutoring Session

How can I book a session?

To book a tutoring session (up to one week in advance), you can:

  • Visit in-person at the Academic Success Centre (TRS 2-168)
  • Call us at 416-979-5000, ext. 2435
  • Email us at trsm.academicsuccess@ryerson.caYou may also attend a session without booking in advance, but sessions are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability.  Preference will be given to those who have booked in advance.

When is Tutoring Support offered?

Tutoring support is offered throughout the academic year. The Fall 2016 schedules for Scheduled Tutoring and Peer-Assisted Study Groups are available on our website. This term, we are offering tutoring sessions and study groups for the following courses:

  • ACC 100/110/406/414
  • AFA 100
  • FIN 300/401
  • ITM 100/102/107/200/207/301/305
  • MKT 100/300
  • QMS 102/202Scheduled tutoring takes place in the Tutoring Room (TRS 3-051); peer-assisted study groups take place in the Study Group Room (TRS 2-048).

Want to learn more about TRSM’s Academic Success Centre?

Visit our website or drop by TRS 2-168 and say hello. You can also give us a call at 416-979-5000, ext. 2435.

Our website also has lots of free tips for how you can improve your time management, note-taking, and test prep skills.

Posted by Lien Chia and Adam Hamade

Lien Chia and Adam Hamade work in TRSM's Academic Success Centre. Lien is a BUS100 facilitator and the team lead for Academic Peer Helpers. Adam is an Academic Peer Helper. Lien uses her creative skills to create graphical information and put together workshops to inform and educate our key stakeholders. She also assists with the curriculum planning and training of new BUS 100 facilitators. Lien has previously worked as an Academic Peer Helper Team Lead during the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 academic year and is currently a BUS 100 Lead Facilitator. Adam works closely with the professional team to enhance the student experience with tutoring sessions and peer-assisted study groups. He also assists with the hiring and training of ITM 100 facilitators. Adam has previously worked as an Academic Peer Helper for AFA 100 (Introduction to Financial Accounting) during the Winter 2016 academic term.